i really love your photography! from Anonymous

Thank you! I haven’t been on here in the past year, so i have no idea when this was from, but thank you anon

After a long conversation with a friend

Life isn’t this complicated. Love people, trust people, get fucked over, be sad about it, move on. People come in and out of your life; let them. At the end you may have regrets about how things worked out, but at least you can say you never did something you didn’t want to do, held back something you wanted to say, or miss the opportunity to tell someone something. This is how I am: I will always speak my mind. I tell the people I love that I love them. And I tell them what I dislike about them and what they do to piss me off and why they’re stupid or annoying or obnoxious, but I tell them that I love them. I trust and love based on instinct, not some calculated mind game. I’ll get hurt, have before and will again, or I’ll hurt other people, but I’ll never be dishonest with how I feel.